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Diving Tonga – Whale Diving Snorkeling Ha’apai


Matafonua Lodge is your perfect Tonga Diving destination for vacationers in the South Pacific. Located in beautiful Kingdom of Tonga in the Ha’apai Islands, Matafonua is a divers paradise boasting beautiful coral reefs and dive locations found nowhere else. Dive Tonga and Ha’apai in a world-reknowned tropical island paradise. Diving Packages in Tonga and Whale Swimming in Ha’apai are the perfect dream getaway vacation including humpback whale swimming tours and swimming with whales. Diving Snorkeling Tonga Ha’apai.

Walk down the beautiful sandy beaches of Ha’apai and you will understand why Tonga is the most amazing tropical vacation destination in the world, and that’s just above the water! Our crystal clear waters and dazzling colorful coral reefs will take your breath away while Diving Tonga. Our Tonga Diving and Snorkeling Packages are not all we have to do either! Our resort comes complete with a full array of activities and accommodations to keep you relaxed, comfortable and loving your vacation the entire time. Come to Matafonua Lodge on your next holiday trip and let us show you what a real snorkeling and diving vacation is like. We will keep you busy with whale watching diving, swimming, snorkeling, island exploration, volcano  exploration, beach biking, fishing, archaeological sites and much more. Your tropical diving destination in the Pacific – Diving Tonga Ha’apai style – will leave you with unforgettable memories and you won’t want to leave!

Come enjoy the beautiful coral reefs of Tonga or dive with the whales near Ha’apai as they migrate to our warm tropical waters for the winter months. If you are looking for Whale Swimming Tours in Tonga or Ha’apai – we offer daily whale diving trips aboard our two vessels to watch and swim with these gentle giants. Come Dive Tonga with the whales in a tropical paradise. Matafonua lodge has lots of fun activities including our famous whale watching diving and trips snorkeling with whales in Tonga and Ha’apai.

There are over 2000 whales that come to Tonga every year, and most days from the beach here at Matafonua you can see them swimming in the shallows around Foa Island. Diving in Ha’apai and swim with the whales! A delicious lunch, home baked snacks and soft drinks are served onboard. Your Tonga snorkeling day is spent watching and swimming with the whales, During lunch we anchor at shallow reef or uninhabited island for some great snorkeling . Your trip is also led by one of our experienced and knowledgeable Tonga Diving guides.

  The Islands of Tonga have some of the most beautiful coral reefs and tropical settings in the world. We are famous for our amazing whale diving trips where you can swim with the whales . The Lodge at Matafonua is your place for a low-cost, luxury diving package in the Pacific Islands. Our amazing vacation packages are unbeatable – contact us today to get pricing and reserve your accommodations!

Diving – Snorkeling – Scuba Diving Paradise – It’s a Vacation Dream in Tonga – Come Dive with the Whales on Your Tonga and Ha’apai Vacation


Diving in Tonga – Dream Vacations for Less Than You’d Think! Call the Lodge at Matafonua Today for Availability and Pricing.

When you are finally finished looking at Volcanos, fishing, kayaking, and discovering the island paradise we know as Tonga, our Ha’apai Diving vacation resort is the perfect answer to a luxurious, comfortable stay in a tropical island paradise. You deserve a vacation you will always remember, and a stay at our beautiful Matafonua Lodge resort will take care of that.

Diving Spots Tonga:

Everest: This is a pinnacle dive, located around 2.0 miles offshore. It begins at 2-3 meters down, before descending into the depths. This is a great place for pelagics, and you have a very good chance of seeing sharks and rays, as well as hard corals and tropical fish. This dive is suitable for everyone.

Tunnels: This dive is made up of two fissures, which you will swim north-south and then south – north. You should see some very big humphead maori wrasse, as well as lobsters. Macro lovers will be pleased to know that this is a good place to see nudibranches. This dive will suit all abilities.

Cathedral: A lovely dive, where a gap in a coral wall leads to a large cathedral cave. The cave is occupied by a family of lionfish, and a resident large grouper. There’s also a coral garden a few meters down. The maximum depth is 20 meters.

Lafa Lafa: This dive name means ‘seasick’ in the local language – perhaps not the most inviting name, but it is 4 miles offshore! 3 meters down is a coral garden, where you’ll see all kinds of tropical fish. However, another attraction is that this is one of the best dives in Ha’api to see sharks, including white tips, silver tips, black tips and even the occasional tiger shark. The maximum depth is 25 meters.

Crawshaw Reef: is a sand corridor with coral reef overhands on either side. You will find white tips here, but the dive is even better for eagle rays, turtles, and large numbers of coral trout, as well as nudibranches. The maximum depth is 23 meters.

Benny’s: This dive is of a sand channel between a lagoon and the Pacific. It can be done either as a drift dive, or as a regular dive during low tide. It’s a very good dive for exotic marine life, and you may encounter stingrays and eagle rays, as well as the 3 leopard sharks that live in the channel. The maximum depth is 20 meters.

Nudibranch Wall: This is a fantastic dive for macro lovers, and is a sheer wall between around 3 and 40 meters deep. As well as nudibranches, you’ll see sea fans and sea whips, as well as a large school of fusiliers.

Towers: The ‘towers’ as the dive name refers to are two large pinnacles, right on the edge of a deep drop off. There’s a lot to see on this dive, including hard corals in the shallower reaches, schooling bait fish, lionfish and also many sea snakes. The maximum depth here is 30 meters.

The Arch: This arch is said to be the largest in the Pacific, at 15 meters tall and 20 meters wide. It was created during the last ice age. As well as the arch itself, you may also see turtles, and sharks. But the fun doesn’t end here – there’s also a cave behind the arch, which is a haven for white tip reef sharks, cowries and lots and lots of lobsters

Pacalolo: This is a great dive – a maze of tunnels and swim-throughs in a coral reef wall. You’ll see lobsters, sharks, various species of reef fish and the very rare harlequin and ghost pipefish. The maximum depth is 10 meters, and Palcalola is suitable for all levels. Kau Vai Point Kau Vai, the large island to the north of Foa, runs for 4 miles north out into the pacific.

Ha’apai Snorkeling and Vacation Packages Ha’apai

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