Activities at Matafonua Lodge Ha’apai Tonga


Here at Matafonua we offer many activities bicycles are available to ride into Pangai, the main town on the island only 14 km (8 miles) to the south, ride across the runway and traverse the causeway between the 2 islands.  Visit Mariners cafe for a refreshing drink and some lunch before setting back for the northern tip of the island. We have Single and Tandem Bikes available.





Scuba diving and snorkel trips

In the lagoon in front of your fale is some of Tonga’s best snorkeling, snorkel equipment is available.





Trips to Tonga’s top dive sites  leave daily (except Sundays). Enroll in a PADI open water course or participate in a 1 day discover scuba program if you are not a certified diver    Click here for info on diving here in Ha’apai, Tonga 



Whale watching

Whale watching and swimming are offered during the season. Whales can turn up as early as the end of June and can stay until November however for guaranteed sightings stick to the months August through October    Click here for whale watching and whale swimming here in Ha’apai, Kingdom of Tonga



Kite Boarding

Our shallow Lagoon and steady Tradewinds offer a veritable playground for kite boarders and windsurfers, with over 300 degrees of exposure the beach at the end of Foa island is just perfect .




Great fishing is accessible from the end of the beach here at Matafonua, most mornings the channel between Foa and Nuku Namu is alive with bait fish and regularly seen Giant Trevally and Blue Trevally can be caught with poppers and swimming lures. Some equipment is available at the resort contact us first.





Ha’ano Cultural Tour




Foa Petroglyph Archeological site

Just steps from the Fale’s at the southern end of the eastern beach is the archeological site of the petroglyphs. Beach erosion revealed the ancient rock art when an Australian couple noticed man made engravings on the flat rock in 2008. There are over 50 petroglyphs that have remained buried for hundreds of years, the style corresponds to Hawaiian carvings dating from 1200.AD – which raises some interesting questions! For the full story click this link

Recently on a visit to Luahoko Island 6 miles in from of the resort we discovered 3 more carvings see the blog for details .




Bush Walking

trails start from our beach and lead through the islands plantations to hidden beaches on the east side of the island.






are available  to paddle to uninhabited nearby islands or go explore the large lagoon in front of your fale.